MMO Planning

May Move Out Planning Materials

Below find basic material for planning and implementing OWU’s annual May Move out. A weekly schedule provides general guidelines which can be adjusted as needed.

Links to a detailed MMO Project document, Communication Plan, Promotion information, and volunteer information and documents are below the weekly schedule. In each case, adjustments can be made to the details in the plans. Ask Krygier if you need editing access to these documents.

MMO Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Identify student managers of MMO
Week 2: Review documents from past MMO events (below and on ENVS 399 shared Google Documents)
Week 3: Draft MMO memo for key MMO partners, update MMO Project Details.
Week 4: Draft communication & promotion plan. Schedule Mini-MMO. Schedule meetings with Goodwill partners. Retrieve MMO banners from B&G. Promo items ordered (funds): cow suit, stickers, additional swag.
Week 5: Review communication & promotional plans
Week 6: Meet with Goodwill
Week 7: Set final MMO schedule and volunteers recruited: set up Google Sheet with official MMO schedule for volunteers to sign up for specific days and times. Volunteers should also include contact information.
Week 8: Catch Up
Week 9: Spring Break
Week 10: Schedule meeting with B&G, Res Life, ABM, Goodwill
• ResLife: Get a specific move out schedule, peak times, locations for PODS
• B&G: call and schedule the placement of PODS; banners?
• ABM: add recycling to the POD area?
• Goodwill: get them our schedule; arrange for pickup from PODs
Week 11: Mini-MMO, Volunteers at Goodwill, tabling to promote MMO with promo items available.
Week 12: Meet with B&G, Res Life, ABM. Placement of pods, placement of recycling bins. Details for Goodwill drivers. Revise posters.
Week 13: Outreach to residential halls, SLUs, Greek Life
Week 14:
Week 15: Day on the Jay/Earth Day Week/Green Week: MMO Fashion Show and other promotional events
Week 16: Advertise on campus (posters, daily announcements)
Week 17: MMO
Week 18: MMO


MMO Project Details (2020, last revised 2017)
MMO Communication Plan (2020, last revised 2016)
MMO Promotions (2020, last revised 2017)
MMO Volunteer Guidance (2020, last revised 2017)
MMO Volunteer Sign Up Sheet (2020, last revised 2018)
MMO Volunteer E-Mail (Mid April) (2020, last revised 2018)
MMO Posters (2020, updated 2019): Krygier has InDesign files